Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Someone marry me...please...!!

As I mentioned yesterday Spring is here and this also denotes the start of my favourite time of the year....WEDDING SEASON.

I love a wedding and although I am all for just marrying once it does make me slightly sad that I will only get to wear one wedding dress....actually....sad indeed.

Now...I am lucky enough to have got my hands on some simply amazing vintage wedding dresses for the shop and have persuaded some gorgeous girls to join me this weekend to do an East End bridal photoshoot which I am very much looking forward to and will be sure to post the results here. However before I do I just wanted to bring to your attention the wedding dress shop of my dreams...The Vintage Dres Company.

I have probably spent hours looking at this site whilst sending the boy psychic thoughts persuading him to propose so I can finally wear one of these creations.

They do both vintage inspired dresses from each era which allow to to add pieces on such as floaty sleeves, sashes and trains and full on vintage dresses which have to among the nicest out there...!!

Here are my faves....

These dresses above are from their 'Vintage Inspired' range. They come in lace and silk and range from the 1920's - 1970's.....simply stunning.

And these beauties are from their vintage collection.

I adore the high neck and puffed sleeves on this 1930's dress....

...and this dress has a real 'dreamy' quality and the removal of the short cape will give it a great day to night transition...

....glittery bodice....ballerina skirt....who couldn't fall in love with this 1950's dress...

...and I simply love this 1970's dress....a glamourous twist on the classic wedding dress.

And they don't do just dresses....oh no...they also do accessories which I think would actually look great in everyday life not just at weddings.....

These gorgeously embellished bags would add serious sparkle to any outfit. I have a number of sparkly clutches at home and use them almost be can you be sad when you are armed with a sparkly clutch bag...??

Alas...I am not a hat lady...which...when I see hats like this one makes me very sad indeed..!!

I LOVE THIS.....and that is all I can say really....simply amazing.

And what wedding outfit would be complete without some gorgeous statement jewellery...they say less is more but with items like these to choose from I can safely say I will be ignoring that piece of advice...!! my wedding outfit is clearly sorted all I need to do now is get the boy to propose....psychic thoughts are back in business!!

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