Thursday, 12 May 2011

Curly Sue....

Today marked my first venture into the land of heater rollers.

Now...I have ALOT of hair...when it is freshly washed it can resemble a lions is ridiculous...!!

I really love big hair and have been known to spend mornings backcombing the mane to get the desired look, however, after a lesson from Miss Honey Bare in roller etiquette I decided to bite the backcombing bullet and invest in some heated rollers.

So I got up early this morning to the surprise of the boy (I usually have to be dragged out of bed) and set about the curling business.

After a few goes and a couple of burns I managed to get the hang of it and wound and secured my hair up and put a scarf round it....I looked like  younger version of Nora Batty and am surprised the boy didn't jump on me I looked that sexy!!

What is amazing about curlers is that you can put them in and then potter around doing things while they cool.

After around 30mins it was time to see whether my first dip in the heated roller pool had been a success. be honest I was looking for hair like this....

...beautiful soft curls. Instead I ended up looking like a less well groomed version of Maria from The Only Way is Essex.

I had a RIDICULOUS amount of volume and as I am also tanned the fact I am from Essex has never been clearer....I may even top it all off with some fake nails later and start calling everyone 'Babe'.

SO...the first try was not the success story I was hoping for but I will not give up though....I will have gorgeous curls one day.....hopefully!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wedding Wednesday...


Today's short blog is mainly about dresses. I do apologise for the shortness but I am up to my eyes with wedding enquiries...totally fabulous although I fear the boy may soon move out over the increasing number of wedding dresses in our house and my obsession with trying them on and waltzing around whilst humming 'Here Comes the Bride'...!!

Now for all you vintage lovers out there I am sure that a vintage dress on your most special day is a many of us are really prepared to pay over the odds for what is really a second hand dress.

I think...and this is just my opinion...that you should be able to find beautiful vintage dress for under £300 and then pay around £50 - £100 having it altered.

So here is a sample of what you can for under (and waaay under) £ always if you want any details the items from any blogs just email me at xx

Seventies Perfection - £90

Stunning Sixties with amazing fringe detail - £80

Seventies Chic - £80

Fifties Glamour - £90

Fifties Fabulousness - £90

Twenties Flapper - £80

Mad Men Wedding - £250

Fairytale Frock - £190

Beautiful Ballerina - £290

Monday, 9 May 2011


Being a vintage boutique owner every once in a while I find a real treasure and think....'THAT IS MINE'.

This is what happened with this dress....although slightly out of my price range I decided that the Austrian themed dress was destined to be mine and I would parade around London like a curvy Carrie Bradshaw wearing this dress, big curly hair and cream peep toes.

Infact I was so certain this dress was destined to be mine that I took the traders word on the sizing (big mistake) and bought it without trying on.

I literally ran home so I could see it in all it's glory only to find it is too big. Sadly...although I am a curvy creature I have a very small waist (although not anything else) and even with a belt to cinch it in it just didn't look right and would look alot better on a size 12 or 14. it is....

I am selling this beauty for £40 + free delivery

...if this is also the dress of your dreams then email me at 

Swish Delish....

Wow...last night saw the first charity vintage swish and it was fabulous....!!

I was extremely nervous (nerves kicked in on Saturday morning) and didn't really go til late last night which saw me surviving on glasses of fizz as I couldn't eat....could be worse!!

Day started early with a shed load of prep and then it was off to get changed (fabulous 1970's green maxi with gave me a cleavage to be proud of) and have my hair and make-up done by the wonderful Miss Honey Bare. I ended up going for a 70's gypsy vibe so had massive hair and gorgeous gold themed make-up. Even the boy (who is not a fan of vintage) had to admit that I looked a treat but did comment I would look better running through a field or sitting in a forrest due to the way I looked....bless.

So 4pm came and the doors be honest I was expecting a HUGE rush but in the end it was more like a steady trickle.

I met some totally fabulous people throughout the day including people I have met on twitter but not in person, made a shed load of money for Macmillan and Coppa Feel and then got to watch a fantastic burlesque show....I may do this every weekend!!

Sadly I have no pics of my own as I was running around all day but I will be posting them on here when they come through.

I do want to say a MASSIVE thank-you to the following people....Nat Garner (for the fab cakes), Emma from Rock Candy Vintage, Celine Chaplin, Curious of London, Luna DeLovely, Ava Iscariot, Daisy Champagne, Bettie Wishes, Sophia StVillier, Miss Lainy Tuesday, Miss Honey Bare,  Kim (Preloved Reloved), Mark Green, The FAB Swish Pout girls, the boy (for putting up with me)....couldn't have done it without you guys...!!

Now....better start planning the next one!! xx