Monday, 28 February 2011

Cancer and cupcakes...

Those of you who have read my blog before will know that Mother is currently going through the big C which although tragic has also had it's funny moments.

I awoke on Saturday to streaming sunshine so I decided that I should take a trip to the seaside to see Mother dearest and bring her some joy..!!

Sadly upon arrival I found out that she was sadly very sick and not up for any form of fun...however this did not stop her changing wigs half way through the day so that I got to see both her Jane Fonda and her Teri Hatcher look....I prefer Jane..!!

So as she couldn't go out I decided to go and find some joy to bring to her.....and I found a real hidden treasure called Fancy Nancy's...!!

To be honest I almost dismissed Fancy Nancy's as just a wedding cake shop...but luckily I was drawn in by the VERY kitsch window display.

Inside the vintage kitsch-fest continues and the shops decor is simply beautiful...infact I would actually like to live there but it felt a bit rude to ask as we had only just met...

...each shelf is practically groaning under the weight of really gorgeous items perfect for cooks, people who pretend to cook (me) and people who just love kitsch...(again me). 

I also found...some simply fabulous cupcakes....

...and (this was the highlight) EDIBLE you can imagine I bought a number of different colours

However what Fancy Nancy's is famously known for (they are actually famous) are their wedding cakes and rightly so as they are the most beautiful and original wedding cakes I have ever seen....

Best thing about all of this is that that they are just about to open up an online shop so everyone can get involved with the amazingness that is Fancy Nancy's.

So after a good 30 minutes wandering around in a haze of cupcakes and kitsch wonderfulness I headed home with cupcakes to cheer up Mother and the intent to bake her some extremely glittery cupcakes for the next time I see her....I mean...what woman in their right mind wouldn't be cheered up by glittery cupcakes...??

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