Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday Loves....

Today I am feeling a bit delicate...!!

Last night the boy and I tried our hand at wine tasting....we had so much fun that we then decided to take our new found knowledge for a spin and drank a ridiculous amount of wine and topped it all off with a curry.....disgusting yet lots of fun.

So this morning I need some pretty things to take the edge off the pain.....

ASOS £28

MANGO £114

Not on the Highstreet £45

Not on the Highstreet £15

River Island £25
...all I need now is money to actually buy some of that would really make me feel better!!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fat Bastards....

From the title you would be forgiven for thinking that this post is about people who are both fat and not very nice...however it is not.

Instead it is about not very nice people who make you feel fat.

An example of this was when I went to see the nurse the other day...I stepped on the scales and the conversation went like this..

HER - 'Ooohhhh....I see you are almost hitting 23 on your BMI scale'
ME - 'Yes...I know I am getting a bit fat (obviously expecting her to exclaim 'No your not...your practically a super model' like any normal woman would do'
HER - 'Yes you are...and you are short so if you carrying on getting fatter you wont be able to carry it off'

She then told me a lovely story about how she told her colleague she was fat and is now on probation....she really was a charming woman.

Now had this woman been like Cindy Crawford I would understand but she was the size of Vanessa Feltz (pre op).

Cheeky Wench...!!

Now I am not saying I advocate obesity or even being over weight but I am totally against Fat Bastards...however that doesn't stop me wanting to loose 40lbs before I see the evil nurse again just so I can give her the two fingers when I step on the scales.....!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Although it seems we have had literally no summer at all the Autumn trends are starting to come out and I love them.

Usually I dread the new trends as they always seems to consist of tiny skirts, skinny jeans and tops that are so cropped that sitting down would not be an option.

This season however the Gods of fashion have listened to my prayers and decided to bring out a ladylike...almost vintage look for us to enjoy...HURRAH.

My favourite pleated skirt is back and this time in a shed load of fab colours. I love a pleated skirt with a gorgeous blouse or tight jumper....they look great with pumps and in the winter some black tights and colourful peep toe shoes go down a treat...

Oasis - £64

New Look - £24 (apologies for the bad picture)

Fashion Union - £34

ASOS - £35

Another firm favourite is the 'fit and flare' dress....hugs your waist and hides your hips....amazing....

Most shops are doing them but I have actually tried this one on and it looks gorgeous and makes me look a good size smaller....

Oasis - £60 would look good with a fine knit jumper underneath for work or with high heels and statement jewellery for a night out....I bloody love it.

And finally...with the cold weather threatening to creep in I have decided to give up my beloved, well worn Primark pumps and invest in some French Sole amazingness....



However at over £100 a pop you have to make sure that whatever you buy goes with everything...unless of course you take my view on things and are prepared to give up eating for a couple of months in order to get a couple of pairs....!!!