Thursday, 24 March 2011


So...I am sure some of you will remember the blog below but I thought I would add it in for a re-cap.

After writing about these lovely shoes Hummingbird Vintage now have the chance to sell them in our shop...totally amazing!!

To celebrate this we are giving away one pair (winners choice) and I may even include some sweets to make it really exciting...!!

To enter please follow us @hummingbirdvin on twitter and re-tweet this post. And also please join us on Hummingbird Vintage here join us. This will also keep you up to date on all our giveaways, new stock and our fab parties...!!

You will only be entered if you complete all the will be announced in two weeks.

Good luck shoe lovers xx

Secret Shoes and Dreamy Designers.....

Now....those of you that have read my blog before know that when God was handing out legs he gave me a pair best can be described as sturdy. After almost thirty years I have come to terms with my misgivings but what I haven't come to terms with is the fact that I can't walk in high heels.

I think the fact I am curvy means I am less able to skip around on sky high heels without the fear of falling flat on my face but this doesn't mean I don't dream of walking down the street in heels without a care in the world.

Don't get me wrong I do have a few pairs of high heels but they all have one thing in common....a low chunky heel which these days in the land of the super platform skinny heel is hard to find....or so I thought.

I am now going to let you into a little shoe secret (which I may regret as I would really like to keep these all to myself) calledCinquanta 50. These gorgeously vintage inspired Italian made shoes are just divine and the best thing is that each heel is only 50mm high...hence the name and gloriously chunky. The team behind Cinquanta 50 worked together in the fashion industry for 5 years before realising the footwear currently available was totally impractical (I couldn't agree more!!) so..viola...a brand was born.

Here are my current favourites...prepare for some serious shoe envy.....

The colour and detailing on these shoes in simply gorgeous....a new twist on the classic 1950's court shoe...

The shoe everyone everyone should last a stunning pair of black courts that I will actually be able to walk in....

Over the knee boots that I can walk in....get me a pair now....

Wedges are not going away this season and this shoe boot is bang on trend...

Today is a GREAT DAY...

Those of you that have followed my story from the beginning will know that I have been on a clothes buying ban. For some people this is not a hard thing to do but for me it was tantamount to going to the dentist and having my wisdom teeth pulled.

I LOVE is how I express having to wear the same black skirt to work over and over again has almost killed me.

The reason for my lack of clothes buying (I used to buy at least twice a week) is that I am almost thirty and I decided that I should be saving up for grown up things like houses, pensions and other totally boring things be honest..I don't understand nor do I want to.

Saving has commenced and I have done very well even if I do say so myself but it has been hard and it has been getting to me quite a bit. So when the chance arose to do a bit of work on the side for some extra cash I jumped at it....pound signs practically shone from my eyes as I imagined actually being able to buy clothes again.

So after two months of working like a crazy person the day has arrived....LETS GO SHOPPING..!!

As I am sure you love clothes as much as me here is what I have just bought (and yes I do realise it is 10.30am and I should be working but desperate times.....)

.....I think maybe someone should take my bank card away from me before any more damage is done!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Help....I need somebody....

So the story so far....I awoke one morning at the start of the year with the incredible urge to do something different so I decided to take my love/near on obsession with vintage and put it to good use.

I opened up Hummingbird Vintage almost two months ago now and things are going extremely well.

Hummingbird Vintage  -

I have added an affordable (yet still bloody gorgeous) bridal range and am just about to add footwear too.

Bridal range -

And...(just because I clearly didn't have enough to do) I have just launched my vintage inspired boudoir lingerie especially for real women (love handles and all) and those going through breast cancer treatment/surgery to which the reviews have been AMAZING....AND....I am also taking vintage to a new level and creating vintage events (first one in aid of Macmillan Cancer and CoppaFeel)....phew I feel knackered just writing this.

Boudoir lingerie phase one -

And to be honest I am loving it...I feel like this is totally what I want to do and after twelve years of random jobs (including hosting children's birthday parties and working for a man who used to change his mind each day about what he was wearing and make me go out and buy him a whole new outfit...EVERYDAY) I have found what makes me happy.....hurrah.

However I am still doing this on top of my day job of looking after young social media types in a mother like way, making sure they have enough to eat and get to meetings in time.

So...after this essay type blog I just wanted to see if anyone had any advice as to where to go next....should I carry on working like a mental person (whilst possibly getting dumped by the boy due to lack of TLC) or do I look for another way....thoughts....anyone....?? x

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

High Heel Hero's....

For a long time now I have been a vintage dress and flat's kinda girl. Don't get me wrong....I did dabble with high fashion for a good eight months a while back but I realised that super straight hair and outfits that matched completely just weren't me.

However over the past couple of months I have felt that I needed a more grown up version of my look as I am almost thirty but still look about twenty two (amazing at times but when trying to be taken seriously not so good).

So....I have bravely made the decision to wear high heels.....EVERYDAY.

I started this on Saturday for a lovely friends birthday....within 30 mins I had blood all over my feet and I am still finding it hard to walk now....damn those unfriendly high heels.

So I am on a mission to find some foot friendly high heels that will transform me into a lady of sophistication.....until the white wine kicks in at least.

So here are my options....

Mid-heels...not as high as I like but these do increase my chances of walking normally and not having people pointing and laughing (this has actually happened).

Wedges....the high heel haters saving grace....I love wedges but I am going for a more ladylike like so not sure if these babies project grown up sophistication or high end fashion fun (which as previously discussed just doesn't suit me).

I have spent the last couple of days trawling the internet (for research purposes obviously) and this is my shortlist....

Dorothy Perkins £25

Cinquanta 50 - Available from Hummingbird Vintage
Dune £60

I LOVE THEM ALL...perfect for summer dresses and all have a ladylike vintage vibe..!

All I need to do now is learn to walk like a lady rather than a man in drag....I will keep you updated on my progress and if you see me in the street....please don't laugh!! xx