Thursday, 11 August 2011


At the grand old age of almost thirty I am lucky enough to have collected some fabulous friends....some I have had for years and some are new to the scene.

However I have recently experienced something that apparently all women experience once they hit a certain age...I no longer like some of my friends.

Back in Junior School this wouldn't have been a problem as I would have just told these girls they were no longer in my group and that would be that but as we get older the thought of hurting someone elses feelings becomes unbearable (unless of course you are mean and like hurting people) so instead of cutting out people that no longer make you feel good you carry on being 'friends' with them allowing their behaviour to get you down and make you feel bad.

So...with my 'Life is too Short' mantra that was developed due to last years events I have decided that although I wont cut out these friends (as it would be awkward and I am a wimp) I will make an effort not to care what they think.

I will be like the Sex and the City girls with my firm friends in the inner circle and the rest can just drift around.

In other news you should never spend two days in a row looking for shoes to match a dress you haven't even tried on.....!!

If you are curvy and are not well endowed in the chest area DO NOT buy this dress....It will make you look ugly.....!!

The shoes are amazing though....but I now need an outfit to wear with them....shame!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


As some of you may have read  before I am not a high heel girl....they make me fall over and walk like Whoopi Goldberg...not a good look (sorry Whoopi). is my engagement BBQ this weekend and as I have been sick and sad I decided to go all out for the party with a new dress and shoes....(these were bought whilst sick so I cannot be blamed for spending money I don't have).

Sadly I got an email today saying that my gorgeous shoes may not arrive in time so instead of sitting here moaning I did what any normal woman with no money would do....go on the hunt for more new shoes.

Whilst I was looking I found this AMAZING brand....Irregualr Choice. Now when I was a little bit younger I had a fondness of dressing up much like I was off to a fancy dress party everyday and during this fun period of fashion I loved this brand. Sadly, due to my more vintage way of dressing I had all but forgotten these little beauties so I was very happy to stumble across them again today.

You can buy these gorgeous creations online or at Schuh...and here are my faves....






Monday, 8 August 2011

And I'm Back....

Firstly let me start by apologising for the lack of posts over the past week but there is a good reason....!!
For the past three weeks to a month I have been feeling very down and dare I say it wasn't interesting me, I was crying all the time (very odd for me) and even shopping did nothing to lift my spirits.

I assumed it was something to do with Mother Hummingbird finishing her cancer treatment and me having nothing to be positive for (during the treatment I was Miss Positive) or the fact I had just changed jobs and was missing the random yet very fun crew back at my old job.

Then last weekend I started to feel sick....not just a little bit but full blown pain so bad that it makes you weep a little bit. I was meant to be out with my soon to be in-laws for one of our lunches/drinking sessions but when I couldn't even force down a glass of champagne I knew it was bad.

After an evening of no sleep the boy rang around some emergency doctors (as I don't have one up here) and made me an appointment.

I managed to drag myself (literally folks) to the doctors for him to tell me that all my internal organs were basically broken in some way and may have been for a while. He then prescribed me three sets of extremely strong antibiotics and sent me on my way with instructions to I blogging, twitter and hardly any work.

A week later and I am almost back to normal....I have no pain and my emotions are settled....although last week was so bad that I thought the wedding would be off..!!

So the moral of the story is....if you are feeling sad for a long time go to the doctors as I am sure he has pills to help you no matter what is wrong.

And here is what I bought over the past month to either cheer myself up or ease the boredom of being sick (please note that a some of this has now been returned as I felt too guilty).