Monday, 10 October 2011

Jeans, Cheesecake and Spending money I don't have....

This weekend I steered away from my usual getting pissed, ending up in a club I am too old for, eating a kebab and then spending the following day laying/weeping on the sofa begging the boy to get me food/drugs/water etc.

Instead I decided to have a grown up weekend of buying things for the house, some new jeans and cooking.

For our new home we desperately need the following things....fridge-freezer, new shower, chest of drawers, new hob and a hoover. After a days shopping we came back with eight new wine glasses, a mini blender, mini heart shape cake tins, new bedding, new towels (white....I am unsure this was a good idea), a lantern, a picture frame, some new knives and forks and some fake flowers.....oh and about a hundred scented candles. It seems that I am now one of these women who walks into a 'homey' shop and is compelled to spend money they don't have.

Due to the spending above we will now be spending a long time in the shower as the water comes out so slow that it takes forever to actually wash, we will be eating foods that do not require being stored somewhere cold and we wont be cooking anything on the hob. Also our flat whilst looking pretty will actually be disgusting with dirt as we have no hoover.


This weekend also saw me venture into women's most feared territory....buying jeans.

Now I had a pair of jeans that I loved....they were five years old and very worn but I loved them. Sadly they didn't love me so much as around three weeks ago as I was running up the stairs for work they finally spilt. IT WAS MORTIFYING!!! They had been threatening to split for a while but I had starved it off with sewing them up each time a tiny hole occurred. After the split I was inconsolable....sobbing to the boy....'I will never find jeans I like again....EVER....'.

It took me a few weeks to get over it but this weekend I decided it was time to find some new jeans. I had heard that Levi's were doing a great new range of curve jeans for people with big legs and butts like myself. When you get into the shop they measure you (not as bad as it sounds) and then hand you your jeans. I was delighted to find that I am still a size 10 in jeans (takes some effort to get them on though) but not so delighted to find that almost all jeans seem to have stretch in them. As my best pal Alice says...'Where is the denim that cowboys wear...I bet that has no stretch in it'. The jeans looked ok and for me that was enough as I never look good in I paid and off I went. Sadly these jeans are NOT OK!! Within a day of wearing they are so stretched that I can take them of without undoing them. I need jeans that are study and hold me in not a pair that stretch and let my curves run about freely jiggling in the wind.

So sadly my search continues...if anyone knows of any non stretch jeans please let me know....I will happily pay for your knowledge...!!

And finally....if you are trying to make from scratch a delicious and naughty desert DO NOT try and make it low will not work. My cheesecake (using my new heart shaped tins) was just a mess on a plate....I had waxed lyrical all day about how amazing a housewife I was only to hand the boy a heap of crap on a plate...he tried his best but I could tell he was wondering how I would manage with kids when I couldn't even get a small cheesecake right...I wonder the same thing too!!