Tuesday, 30 August 2011

This weekend....

...I did a ridiculous amount of going out....!!

Highlight was a tribute night dedicated to Stevie Wonder in which the boy and I were sat at a shared table for dinner. All was going well until the other couple came and sat opposite us a bit later in the evening. They seemed innocent enough...an older couple out on a date...however within five minutes of them sitting down they were eating eachothers faces off....once that stopped the groping started...now neither the boy or I are prudes in any way but the show that was put on for us by this couple was horrific. One by one the other diners started to take note of the couple and our horrified faces and soon enough Stevie Wonder was forgotton and we became part of the main act.

I order to get through this ordeal we drank four bottles of wine, plus vodka and then decided to have a dance off with a number of women we had met throughout the night. The dance off ended with me accusing the boy of flirting with all the forty plus women we were dancing with (please remember I had drunk around two bottles of wine at least so my judgement was somewhat impaired).

I woke up in the morning feeling delicate but happy that I hadn't gone completely over the top and also hadn't had a dirty kebab on the way home. Sadly I was then informed that after we had left the bar I had stumbled into McDonalds demanded a quarter pounder and chicken nuggets (as clearly I felt a burger was not enough) and then passed out in a taxi....beautiful!!

It just goes to show that two bottles of wine, two vodkas and a cocktail will in fact make you slightly crazy.

Oh....and I also bought this coat in a hungover daze.....

Zara - £129