Friday, 28 January 2011


I have just re-vamped the website to make it look more...well....pretty, so if anyone is listening please have a look and let me know what y'all think 

I have also just found out about an AMAZING secret vintage thrift sale this weekend by the sea...if any one has any requests as to what I should be stocking then feel free to shout....

But for now I will leave you with this lovely vintage weekend bag that I might just have to have....then all I need is someone to whisk me away somewhere...

Satin and Lace...

Todays topic....Lingerie....

Now I have a major underwear obbession and I love wearing vintage slips, petticoats and nightdresses, I think they look beautiful and fit wonderfully. However I am well aware that somepeople although fine wearing vintage clothing are not so happy wearting vintage for these lovely people and the rest of us with an underwear obbession here are my favourite vintage inspired undies, all from the High Street....just in time for valentiens day..!!!


Marks and Spencer

Maya Rose Boutique




Ava Loves

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A girls love of vintage....: Guess who's back...

A girls love of vintage....: Guess who's back...: " after a tiring week promoting the website I am back for a blog. I can report all is going well and I have sold five dresses already......"

Guess who's back... after a tiring week promoting the website I am back for a blog. I can report all is going well and I have sold five dresses already...which to be honest broke my heart as I had already planned in my head wear I could wear them but as the boy keeps telling me 'this is a business, not a chance for you to dress up..!!'...sad but true.

I have had a very exciting week this week...I have frequented two dance classes (I am practically Roxy from Chicago), eaten a vast amount of gorgeous food and found four amazing vintage weddings comes complete with veil and shoes in a carry case all the way from the 1920' is to die for. With these in my possession I will be doing a wedding special in March including fab dresses, shoes and accessories and I will also be telling you my favourite ideas for a vintage wedding and the best places to hold them so keep tuned.

For now here are some of my favourite vintage wedding bits and pieces....sigh

I love the short veil on this on...this look is coming back for this wedding season

I love this...vintage theme...modern setting

Vintage china works as centrepieces, decorations,  gifts, name tag name it and it just looks gorgeous

I love all these black and white pictures....the last one is very similar to my grandparents wedding picture....just love b+w photos

LOVE THIS...outside venue but this decor gives it a cosy vintage theme, and it is very easy to achieve

What can I say...gorgeous