Thursday, 7 July 2011

YOU ARE for all you business owners....

Hello there my fellow business owners...this one is especially for you...!!

A few weeks ago I told you about the fab Analytics Gurus that have helped my business take off through increasing my website traffic (majorly) and also my sales....I love them so much that when I came to see them today I bought them all cakes.

As quite a few of you were interested in this I have set up a meet and greet and/or a conference call so they can explain to anyone else who needs a little bit of help how they can improve your business.

The meet and greet and call are totally free to join and there will be snacks...hurrah...I am just going for them!!

The meet and greet will take place in Shoreditch next Wednesday/Thursday (depending on what date/time everyone can make) and the conference call will be the week after..!!

As I am organising I now even have my own email address....I am like one of the team yet I have no real idea how anything works.

We need to get numbers so if you are interested in either of these please email me at and state which one you would like to attend and also the best day/time for you.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone else that might be interested...the more the merrier!!

Vintage or not to Vintage....that is the question....

So here I am...six weeks after getting engaged and I am already obbsessed....with wedding dresses!!

My biggest dilema however is not the length, style or even price but whether or not to go for a vintage dress over a new one.

See...the thing is that the boy is not a fan of vintage whereas I am addicted to the stuff. Normally I would wear whatever I wanted but this is the one time that I want the boy to look at me and think WOW and I am unsure a vintage dress would pull this reaction from him.

Then...if I do decided to go for a new dress do I still go for the vintage style as if I do this then I might as well get the real deal.

I have been looking around (as I am sure you can imagine) and I have to tell you one thing....vintage wedding dresses are BLOODY EXPENSIVE. I am talking £2,000 minimum for a good one. WOW!!

Don't get me wrong if I had the money I would do it but how many of us really have that much money to spend on a dress.....apart from the likes of Kate Moss whose dress I almost wept over!!

So that is my dilemma....if I go vintage the boy probably wont like it and if I don't then I feel that I am not being true to myself....can someone please help!!

Rant are my favourite dresses so far (vintage and not)....and I have looked at a lot!!

Swoon...Jenny Packham

...another Jenny Packham from last season (these are available 2nd hand for great prices)

Possibly my favourite from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

Gorgeous vintage gown found online

Amazing dress from BHLDN...I love how you can se the totally fabulous shoes..

...another BHLDN beauty.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cycling in a Spaceship....the true tale of what happened to me yesterday....

So it seems that I may talk a bit too much about my lard arse and tree trunk legs on here as yesterday I got a call from the lovely people at Hypoxizone asking me if I wanted a trial on one of their machines.

For those of you who don't know (...and this included me) Hypoxizone is basically a bike situated in a vacuum which you cycle on for thirty minutes and apparently loose a gazillion inches from your legs and bum...BLOODY AMAZING.

I practically skipped to the studio imagining myself running down the beaches of Ibiza with my gazelle like legs getting admiring glances from the men and jealous ones from the ladies.

When I got there the science behind it all was explained to me and now I will try and remember it....!!

Basically it seems that when we try and loose weight blood has to travel through the fat and for some reason on us ladies the fat tends to go from our chest area first. This is a true fact....I diet for ages and all I end up with is a smaller bra size....but I digress. The machine uses a vacuum to target the stubborn fat areas on you bum and legs so you loose the weight from there rather than anywhere else.

After the explanation was done I was strapped into a rubber tutu (at this point I am standing in the middle of the gym surrounded by body builders....!!) and then told to get on the bike. Once on the vacuum machine or 'spaceship' is enclosed around you and attached to the rubber tutu and then you cycle.

I was told that my heart rate should be above 115 and below 130...keeping it in this area alone took effort as I am seriously unfit so was either not pedaling hard enough or pedalling hard but with a ridiculous heart rate.

To be honest the thirty minutes went really quick and there are magazines around to read and the instructors are lovely. Once I had been unharnessed I felt hot but not like I had done a work out and sadly my legs looked exactly the same.

However I spoke to a lovely lady who has just done a course of 12 and she said that the treatment works amazingly well and she has lost tons of inches so maybe the spaceship is the way to get the body of a goddess after all!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

It's sale time....

Last week I realised to my delight that it was summer sale time....hurrah.

Admittedly it does feel slightly odd given that we haven't had a summer but never the less I decided to get my sale hat on and see what was out there.

I ended up (as I always do) in Mango as I love the way the clothes fit but sadly don't like their prices as I am trying to keep to a budget.

However it soon became apparent that the Gods of shopping had heard my plight for new clothes on a tight budget and persuaded Mango to slash all their prices....AMAZING.

So....I bought three amazing looking and amazingly cheap dresses...sadly they are no longer on the website but they look a bit like these D&G ones but without the hefty price tag.....

....just beautiful. And perfect for the summer....whether it is lunch in the sun or dancing in a random bar after drinking all day (me on Friday).

For those who are wondering how the diet is going over the weekend I ate and drank the following.....posh three course lunch including champagne and wine, ten mojitos, a curry, chicken nuggets and chips, eight alcopops (at a festival so couldn't be helped), pizza and a huge Italian meal with garlic bread....I AM DISGUSTING....but am positive that I can detox my body into submission in the next two weeks!!