Wednesday, 2 March 2011

According to the fashion gurus and magazines two words should pop into our heads when we think of summer fashion....1970's and maxi.

Now I love a maxi dress as it covers up the two worst parts of my I have been delighted when, over the past couple of years, the maxi has been a big summer trend.

However, many people associate the maxi with a casual boho look that is more suited to the beach than the bar...but I beg to differ....especially when I saw this gorgeous dress.

With it's gorgeous patten and high ruffle neck it is a real statement piece....

It is fully lined so the skirt swishes as you walk (I love a swish) and the bodice fits snuggly so shows off the curves.

Another great thing is that as the shoulders are quite wide you don't have to worry about underwear showing which is always my maxi dress I wear a bra and have a nice cleavage yet messy straps or do I go for the strapless bra/flat chest approach...?

The detailing on this dress make it special enough to wear for an event matched with gorgeous gold statement heels...

...and a gold box clutch bag....

...however the floral pattern also makes it great for everyday wear.....for example I would match it with  flat gold sandals.... hoops earrings and big sunnies with my hair in a messy ballerina bun....

...a simply gorgeous dress for different occasions....!!

The dress is £35 from Hummingbird Vintage (please click at the link on the top of the page to go through to the shop) will fit a size 10 - 12 be simply stunning.

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