Tuesday, 1 March 2011

And so.....a brand is born....

It is no secret that I am a curvy lady...and as documented in this blog just before Valentines Day I went on the hunt for some sexy (not slutty) underwear that first of all didn't make me look like a piece of pork tied up at the butchers and secondly didn't make me look like a lady of the night.

I did manage to find some but to be honest there was not much out there....so I thought I would create my own....how hard can it be...right...!!??

It turns out it was not as easy as I first thought but I persevered and now I have the hang of it.

Basically I wanted to create a range of lingerie using gorgeous ribbons and vintage buttons that will allow women to adjust the pieces to fit them so on those days where our bodies are just not behaving we can adjust the sides of the knickers so that we don't get that lovely muffin top effect....a thing I know only too well.

Each piece is made to measure, will feature beautiful ribbon fastenings and vintage buttons and will be a total one off.

So here is a sneak peek at our first item of boudoir underwear for the curvy lady.....

I am sending out samples to some lovely volunteers so I should have some reviews back in a couple of weeks but if you have an suggestions, questions or queries I would really love to hear them...!! xx

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