Thursday, 7 April 2011


Lovely people...the sun is out and here to stay (fingers crossed) and what goes better with sunshine then a bit of fab vintage...??

So let me introduce you to my favourite vintage summer dress of the moment...

I am sure you will agree is it totally fabulous...!!

It is an original 1950's dress with satin underskirt and a chiffon layer and has a matching belt.

It will fit a size 14 and is £30.....if you are interest please email xx

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

News New News...

Today's story involves some fun news items about yours truly...

Since opening Hummingbird Vintage I have been manic...not just a little busy once in a while I mean full on not being able to sleep because you are thinking so much manic.

This is a mixture of the vintage boutique which is about to expand (so watch this space), the underwear, the bridal range, the charities and Old Mother Hummingbird having the big C.

Now I love being it...but to be honest it is really not fair on the boy who I love even more than being busy. We moved up to London to have a couple of years of full out fun and at the moment I can't because I am KNACKERED.

The Boy...

So...I have decided to take a big step and....takes a deep breathe...go part time so I have enough time to do everything.

I am lucky enough to have a good friend running a start-up who needs some help and will pay me enough to live...I LOVE THIS MAN.

For me this is very scary as I love working and knowing I will be getting money at the end of the month for doing it but since the whole cancer situation has arisen it has made me realise that life is way way way too short not to take chances and try and do something different.

So watch out world because Hummingbird Vintage and Victory Vixens are coming out...!! 

Nice day for a vintage wedding...

The sun is shining, the birds are can mean only one thing....WEDDING SEASON.

A couple of weeks ago I asked for brides to be who would like some vintage magic in their wedding and I got a fantastic response.

Hummingbird Bridal is an affordable (all under £100) gorgeous range of vintage wedding dresses. We invite you to try them on whilst sipping on bubbly, then if you like we will help you find accessories, shoes and anything else you need and if you don't like we can help you scour the streets to find your dream dress.

Hummingbird Bridal
Over the past month I have sold a couple of dresses, some lingerie and sourced shoes and head pieces but I wanted to help a bride from the very start of her journey and create a 'Vintage Wedding Adventure' piece telling the full story...warts and all.

So although I will be helping all the lovely brides that responded to my call the bride to be who I will be basing the Vintage Wedding Adventure on is the lovely Holly Booth.

Holly (who owns a fab photography company which can be found at and her lovely other half are looking for a homemade vintage style wedding so a vintage wedding dress would be perfect.

I will be doing a week instalment on how to create the perfect vintage wedding including finding the dream dress and all the updates from the Vintage Wedding Adventure, so if you have any questions about vintage weddings just shout and we can help you find the answer.

Wish us luck xx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Mothers Day...

This weekend saw some fun times and sad times.....

Poor Mother Hummingbird was back in the hospital this weekend due to some random chemo business which meant she missed out on Mothers Day fun.

This was very sad so I decided that if she couldn't come out for Mothers Day I would bring it to off I went carrying chocolates, magazines, books and flowers. On my journey down to Essex I had an argument with a small child over Justin Beiber and then managed to spill all the water from the flowers into the taxi I was in.....the driver was not impressed and shouted alot so I (I hate to admit this) played the cancer card in order to get went something like this 'My mother has cancer and is waiting for me in that hospital and you are making me wait out here when I could be in there with her'. Obviously after my outburst he was suitably taken aback and I made my escape.

I told Mother Hummingbird about my cancer card use and she replied through a mouthful of chocolate 'Well you might as well get something out of it'.

Turns out that due to a dodgy tooth (the joys of getting older) she had a slight infection which due to the chemo means a stay in hospital. She had only been there one night before I saw her and already had charmed the nurses into extending the visiting hours and was in full make-up and a fab wig.

After spending a suitable amount of time talking to the nurses, admiring Mothers new wig (totally fab Audrey Hepburn) we got round to the topic of Victory you can imagine due to her current circumstances she has a wealth of random cancer knowledge and ideas to help people feel better so I left there with my head buzzing...!!

It also made me realise that although cancer is shit...and it really is, what Mother Hummingbird is going through has made me create both my lingerie range and Victory Vixens which I love...and after all as said by the woman herself 'I might as well get something out of it'.

Mother Hummingbird

Victory Vixens -