Friday, 14 January 2011

Vintage heroines...

Lets start with the basics....Lana, Katherine and Marilyn....I defy any vintage lover not to want to be at least as glamourous as one of these women....I love them and as it is Friday I thought I would share my love....enjoy xx

New start...

After waking on New Years day and stumbling into the kitchen which was strewn with cheap champagne bottles I started thinking about the year ahead (which as everyone knows is a bad thing to do when hungover) and realised that although I generally have a lot of fun, I am not actually spending my time doing anything I am passionate about...and as I am heading towards a milestone birthday this year I felt like time was running out for me to do something momentous with my life. So after having a think and working out that in all honesty I am a bit too old to train as a dancer and with my love of luxury items and chocolate a life as a charity worker is not really the one I have decided to turn to my other passion....vintage clothes.

I have been in love with vintage possibly since I can remember. Even as a teenager I would search through the second hand stores for clothes that were a bit different, which, if you were a teenage in the 90's you will remember that looking 'a bit different' was celebrated as much as it is now. I admit I did try to fit in with my adidas tracksuit bottoms and (I am inwardly cringing as I type) a gold sovereign ring but my heart just wasn't in it.

So it was with great relief (and detriment to my bank account) that in my mid-twenties vintage clothing started to become more accessible.

After spending the past 5 years trawling through vintage warehouses, markets and peoples attics I can spot a vintage gem a mile off and have decided to use this talent to open up my own shop....Hummingbird Vintage.

I have decided to stock things I love in the hope that everyone else will love them too and I will be posting my new finds, things I love and the trials and tribulations of opening up my own business here...

So any advice, thoughts, uplifting words are very welcome x