Thursday, 21 April 2011


YES...after some crazy weeks at work I am finally off on holiday...hurrah.

For the past month I have eaten nothing but healthy food and gone to the gym so much that even typing hurt at times.

My body is slightly more bikini ready than before although I will admit that the fact that I LOVE EATING has not helped at all. However the fact that it is currently raining in Spain means that my body may never see daylight anyway...!!

But before I go some reminders for you lovely people...

Firstly the Vintage Swish is happening on Sunday 8th May at Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch and is going to be AMAZING.
It has basically turned into a vintage fair/boozy afternoon tea/burlesque show/clothes swap....totally amazing.
It starts at 4pm and costs just £2 to get in and all proceeds got to MacMillan and Coppa Feel so please pass this one and invite anyone you fancy....the more the merrier...!!

Secondly our fab vintage dress and handmade lingerie only have five more days to enter and it is for a really good get on it people....!! Details can be found further down on this blog. work here is done (at least for a week) so I am off to eat, drink and be merry in the rain (most probably)....see you on the other side xx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wedding Wednesday - G&T...

Many years ago when I worked in the wonderful world of events I met a lovely lady called Becks. Now Becks worked in the creative department and she was AMAZINGLY creative...the way she decorated her flat would have been enough to get anyone to give her work.

She also loved a drink which is how we became friends.

Although I hadn't spoken to her in a good few years I alway knew she would have been headed towards greatness and....I was right.

For the past couple of weeks I have been researching vintage weddings and a name that kept popping up was 'Grace and Tailor' so I decided to contact these lovely people and see what they had to offer only to find out it was none other than my gin loving friend Becks who runs it...what a treat.

Grace and Tailor are basically amazing wedding fairies who you can go to in order to give your wedding that special vintage touch and they are more cost effective than hiring a wedding planner to organise the whole things....vintage and value for money...I LOVE THESE GUYS!!

So...lets have a look and what magic the can weave....

...simply amazing....makes me want to get married ASAP just so I can get this fab team to work their magic over everything..!!

If you are looking for that special vintage touch for your wedding you can find the lovely Becks and crew at

If you have any random vintage wedding questions that you would like answered by the professionals or are looking for that special (yet affordable) vintage dress...then just email me at xx

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lumps and bumps...

So last week saw the first official photoshoot for the lingerie range which was amazing.

For those of you that don't know the lingerie range is for women who like myself gain or lose a pound or two from time to time but still want their sexy undies to look fab. So each piece is totally adjustable at the side of the knickers, front of the bra and the straps and they are all covered in gorgeous ribbons and vintage luxury..!!

We have also created a Victory Vixens range for woman going through cancer as the weight loss/gain during treatment can be pretty substantial so the adjustableness (not even a word but needs must) works really well. We also have high waisted knickers to hide drains or tubing and pockets in the bra's for prosthesis.

So...we were all set....or so I thought.

On a slightly random night out with the boy last week we met a gentleman who in between teaching us martial arts so we could defend ourselves (he almost broke the boys thumb) and telling me how lovely I was (clearly very drunk) explained to me that maternity underwear could do with a big shake up as some of it is very plain and boring.

Even through the haze of white wine and gin I could tell he was on to something so after a quick bit of market research and chatting to alot of pregnant women (I am VERY broody now) we have decided to add a maternity range to our lingerie empire...!!

So what started out as a curvy girls quest to find undies that didn't make us look like a piece of pork trussed up at the butchers or like a lady of the night ahs now turned into a lingerie line to suit every woman....hurrah for lumps and bumps!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Jackie O...

Firstly before I say anything let me please apologise for the quality of the pictures in todays camera is broken and I seem to find it more important to spend my money on vintage clothing than new electronic equipment so I am using the camera on my blackberry.

This weekend was spent in a whirlwind of wine, food and sunshine....perfect.

On Saturday I woke the boy early (he was hungover and not pleased) as I had an urge to go and find some lovely new vintage pieces for the shop. After a good ten minute of persuading (including the offer of lunch in a pub) he got out of bed and ready in record time and off we went.

I love shopping for vintage and London's East End is possibly one of the best places to go. The Truman Brewery has a new AMAZING vintage market on Saturdays and the quality was fab.

I ended up buying three new dresses (as always I want to keep them all) and here is the first... is a cream woollen high neck shift dress and it is PERFECT.

It really reminds me of Jackie Onassis and would be perfect for a wedding with some black courts, black clutch bag and black pillbox hat.

It is perfect for you taller ladies (damn you and your long legs) as it looks best just sat on the knee.

It is a size 10 - 12 and is £ if you are interested either tweet me or email lucy@hummingbirdvintage.

Tomorrow I will be showing off a gorgeous mauve maxi dress with off the shoulder ruffle so stay tuned..!!