Friday, 16 December 2011

Thought of the day....

Last night I found myself in M&S in search of food (it is Christmas therefore I am allowed luxury ready meals)....however as I walked through the clothing to get to the foodhall I found myself loving quite a few items.

Now the question is that do I like M&S clothing because I have turned thirty and magically after that age M&S clothes start to become more attractive OR is it because M&S have started doing nice clothes.

Answers on a postcard please xx

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Big Apologies....

You all have the right to hate me a little bit at the moment as I know I have not posted for a long time....ok....a very long time.

There is a reason behind it all though.

A few months ago the boy and I had a grown up sit down conversation about our future and we decided that I really needed a job that was more grown up. Not because I had become more grown up in anyway (as an example I literally drank til I was sick a few weeks ago after seeing naked me on stage and then doing impromptu karaoke in a posh piano bar) but because I am getting towards the age where I want a year off work to have a rest and the only way I get to do that is to have a baby.

So I scoured the job sites looking for a company that really looks after it's employees and after three months I found one.

I will not give its name as I am sure I will need to vent/gossip/slag it off at some point but I will say that compared to my fun social media jobs this one is VERY corporate.

I even have to wear office clothing and I will tell you now that finding a pencil skirt for a small waist but big thighs is not easy!!

In my office I look after an important my interview I told him that I would look after him in every way possible...which....looking back now makes me sound like I will be dishing out sexual favours to him when clarify I will not be doing this.

I am the youngest assistant there by about thirty years and the least educated/posh by about a thousand miles.

So here I am....for a while anyway the Essex girl in the posh company wearing pencil skirts that don't fit and low cut tops (I had to keep some part of me alive in the corporate world).

Maybe the need for that year off will come sooner rather than later!!