Friday, 1 April 2011

Victory Vixens...

Those of you that read this regularly (big love to you all) will know that I harp on about cancer alot.
Not in a morbid way at is just that I am experiencing it first hand and have been working on a secret project in conjunction with my underwear range which I can now share with everyone.....hurrah. We are looking for funding, sponsorship and help in anyway to make this a great resource for everyone effected by the big C.

So...without further ado may I present Victory Vixens.


Welcome to Victory Vixens…but before I tell you what we are all about let me introduce you to the original Victory Vixens aka Nina and Judy.

 Nina and Judy have both been through or are currently going through cancer. However, they are going about it in a totally fabulous way.
Imagine turning up to chemo wearing a n amazing outfit, full make-up and high heels and you will get the picture…both are totally fabulous.

They are big believers that when you look good and are kind to your body you will feel better and be able to cope with what life has to throw at you in a more positive way.

We couldn’t agree more!!

What they have found though is that there is not a resource for women going through cancer treatment that has all the answers to the questions and queries that arise…such as how to stop your nails splitting, where to buy the best (and most affordable wigs), what you should be eating, how to banish dry ‘chemo’ skin, how to apply false eyelashes, where to buy special undies, what to expect your sex life to be like, where to find local supports group and about a million other things women should be able to find out easily.

This is where we come in…Victory Vixens is a ‘one stop shop’ for all cancer needs and wants.

We have partnered up with doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, fashion stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists in order to allow women to look good and feel great whilst winning the war over cancer.

What we need from you…

We are now looking for sponsorship and funding to make this great project even better.

This is going to be a nationwide resource including workshops, seminars, fashion events and social events so it is a great cause that encompasses all forms of cancer.

With cancer in women on the rise there has never been a better time to get involved and help us make more women into Victory Vixens.

If you are interested in helping us on our quest please email

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Size matters.... per the previous blog I am on a mission to get back into the is now day four of the regime and although aching and not being able to walk properly (damn you fitness instructors) I am feeling ok....alright...maybe less than ok as I am missing red wine and chocolate but I WILL get through it.

Anyway on Saturday before I had the 'jeans realisation' I went shopping which was amazing as I haven't been able to do this for a long time.

However...although I found some gorgeous bits and pieces I was amazed at the random sizes in shops.

I am a vintage wearer normally so I am used to exact measurements...if a waist 28 inches it means it is 28 inches.

When I wandered into H&M I (as usual) staggered into the changing room with armfuls of clothing only to find that the sizing was ridiculous....a size 10 skirt was waay to big on the waist yet a size 12 dress wouldn't even fit over my head. And don't even get me started on the arms....I will admit that my upper arms are of the bingo wing variety but the sleeves on some of the dresses seem to be made for people with tiny arms (the kind of arms I dream of) and anything over that made the dress off limits.

I left H&M empty handed and went into Topshop....first thing I realised was that I am now maybe slightly too old for Topshop and (I find this quite cringeworthy to say) I don't really understand the fashion all that much. Don't get me wrong there were some absolutely gorgeous things in there such as

...and I have to admit that their sizes weren't too bad....size ten dresses fitted fine but I stayed away from the jeans and trousers so they may have been a different story altogether...!

Finally (at this point I was very red faced through trying to squeeze my body into clothes in very hot changing rooms) I went into Mango. I love thee. I love it for two reasons....the sizings make me feel extremely slinky and the clothes (although more expensive than H&M and Topshop) are made from the most gorgeous fabrics and they last...and yes...I do realise that the last comment made me sound like my Mother.

So here is what I bought....

I do love shopping...ALOT but looking around the high street has made me realise that I prefer finding vintage versions of current fashion trends as it takes away the worry that I am going to walk into a bar to find a girl wearing the same dress as me and....even worse...looking better in it than I do...!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Curve Control.....

As you all know I am a curvy lady and proud of it (most of the time) and I want to make other ladies feel good which is why I have created Hummingbird Vintage lingerie so we can all feel good all the time. seems that my curves have got out of control.

For the past five months I have worn nothing but lovely vintage dresses and skirts but yesterday I woke up and reached for the jeans...BIG MISTAKE.

I ended up having to take them into another room to put on to save the boy from seeing me trying to force my body into too tight jeans. He did hear me do it though and described it as listening to someone trying to wrap a really big awkward present but not having much luck.

I finally got them on (I actually hurt my hand in the process) an they looked ok so off to work I went.

I spent the day walking in a very awkward way, afraid to go to the loo incase I couldn't get them back on and afraid to eat anything incase they popped open.

I almost ran home just so I could get them off (this also took alot of effort) and I have now hidden them...never to be worn least until the curves are under control.

I was astounded that I hadn't noticed the increased curves but luckily my waist always stays the same so all my tight waisted skirts and dresses will always fit.....thanks god for small mercy's..!!

So I am now on a mission to CONTROL THE I have already been to a kettle bell class (totally ridiculously hard and run by a women much like Hitler) and I plan to only eat healthy food until I can get back into the dreaded jeans.

I have four weeks until holiday so this is my deadline....wish me luck..!!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Cancer Schmancer....

...this blog is not as bad as the title suggests...promise.

So cancer...a totally crap thing to go through....!

Although I am not technically going through it myself, Mother Hummingbird is so I get to relive the night sweats, loss of appetite, nails breaking plus all the other wonderful side effects through her.

Being the lovely daughter that I am (...and I really am) I have looked around for lovely things to make the Old Dear feel more like herself...but alas I have not found much so I have decided to sort it out.

As you all know the underwear range is well under way to give breast cancer sufferers something a bit sexy to wear even when they feel at their worst but I then had a thought...cue light bulb over head.

Most women going through ANY type of cancer either lose weight through loss of appetite or put weight on through steroids and other nasty drugs so they could all use some ego boosting, sexy as hell, adjustable underwear, guaranteed to make you feel good anywhere anytime....right..?

And what about the other how to apply false eye lashes, how to stop your nails breaking, what you should be eating, what moisturiser will cure that dread 'chemo' dry skin....wouldn't it be lovely to have a girly place to go where all these things are answered rather than having to ask your doctor...?

I would love feedback so if you (or anyone you know) are going through cancer please have a quick read and contact me at

Also help us stick two fingers up at cancer at our Vintage Swish event in London town on the 8th me (as above) for details xx