Friday, 18 February 2011

Vintage Schmintage....

It is my dream to live in a vintage world. I would like to wear full skirted dresses, spend the day baking cakes and finish it off with a martini and a glam dinner party.....this is what is was like surely...?!!

Sadly every morning I wake to find myself living in the 21st century in a tiny flat in Shoreditch, having to rush to get ready, spend the day fixing coffee machines and look after the young kids (see previous blogs), then rushing home to drink a bottle of red to take the edge off.

Not quite the same!

However...there are many people who feel the same and today I would like to showcase a few people who I have met recently that help to bring a little bit of vintage into our lives....

The Traditional Vintage Flower Company is just gorgeous...not only do they supply the prettiest flowers I think I have seen but the lovely Clare is also on hand to help with any kind of event and provide table settings, vintage gifts and lots more....bloody lovely

Next we are on to vintage when I finally get married (hint hint boyo) I will have each table decked out in vintage crockery as it is simply divine.

I am trying to build up my own collection but failing when I saw these guys my heart leapt...!!

The Vintage Affair is possibly one of the most beautiful websites ever....there collection is second to none and prices are very reasonable. The only downside is that they don't supply London....weep!!

And finally....possibly my favourite place to get cake in London...Cafe Vintage.

Based in Mountgrove Road N5 it is simply divine and makes the best wheat free brownies I have ever had. But...lets be honest the best bit about it is being able to browse through vintage while you eat cake while you drink tea...OH MY is like dying and going to heaven.

Guys I love you all and here are the website links....enjoy

Cafe Vintage
The Vintage Affair
Traditional Vintage Flower Company

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