Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Perfect dress for curvy girls....

We all have days when our bodies go out of control....not through sickness or even overeating (as I keep re-assuring myself) but just because they want to give us a challenge of finding something to wear..!

Now as we all know I am whereas most people can pull on a pair of jeans and a jumper and just get on with I..sadly...cannot....DAMN THESE CURVES.

However after searching for a good old time I have found a 'jeans' alternative for a bad day...the wrap dress.

Now I am obviously not the first lady to recognise the power of these dresses....Diana Von Furstenberg is a prime example of how well these work on normal women blessed with curves....and she must be doing something right as celebs love them....

Sadly my budget will not allow for one of these gorgeous creations so I went on a hunt to find my alternative Furstenberg.

I actually stumbled across this shop/dress paradise in Spitalfields Market and after trying on a couple of dresses was compelled to buy four of them....this was around three years ago and they still look amazing and haven't aged a day.

The shop in question - Anami and Janine

Established in 2005 by Anami & Janine, they have been producing two collections a year and since its start has gone from strength to strength. 
The girls met at Portobello Market where they both worked part time. Janine had just graduated from Cordwainers College where she had been studying accessories and Anami, who is self-taught, has been designing and producing small collections for ten years prior. 
Their love of vintage clothing was their drawing point, and with their own unique and individual styles, put their heads together to design a small capsule collection of vintage inspired dresses.

I now own a number of their dresses and here is me in my favourite was a bad day..!!

However when I put this dress one and then put on my sparkly shoes I cannot help but feel good, and I always get complements. It clings in all the right places and hides the bad ones....also I do not have to struggle to squeeze my bingo wings in to the sleeves which sadly is a usual occurrence in most shops.

I spoke to the lovely ladies at Anami and Janine yesterday and not only did I find out that they have opened up a shop in Brixton (well done ladies) but they also let me have a sneak peek at their new range.

So just for it is 

...absolutely gorgeous....and here are my favourites of the current collection which are all available on the website and in their shop Saloon - 97 Brixton Village, London, SW9 8PS

Blue Sweetheart Neck Dress - £65

Woodland Wrap Dress - £65

Classic Black Dress - £65
So there you have it....if you want a wizard of a dress that will hide and flatter all at the same time head to Anami and Janine...!!

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