Monday, 14 February 2011

Curvy girls hunt for sexy underwear.....

Now...todays post was actually going to be about my first attempt to make cupcakes (just in time for Valentines Day). I had envisioned pictures of me lovingly stirring ingredients whilst wearing a gorgeous dress and Kath Kidson apron...looking every inch the perfect housewife...!!

Instead I ended up going out for Sunday lunch with three very close friends and drinking my body weight in red wine....ouch!!

So this morning I woke with a sore head and vague memories of yesterdays as you can imagine when four girls get together for drinks the topic of conversation invariably leads to sex at some point...or in yesterdays case sexy underwear.

Now I have a real thing for underwear....I love fact I love it almost as much as buying books or eating creme eggs.
One of this years New Years resolutions was to wear matching underwear everyday....and apart from the odd slip up I have kept to this rule.....however my underwear although lovely is not particularly sexy and the reason for this is that sexy underwear can be uncomfortable and not all that flattering for a lady with curves.

Thongs for example....I never ever wear these as I end up looking like a trussed up piece of pork which is not really strongest bedroom look.

Corsets...hmmm....well unless they are beautifully cut and therefore a bit pricier these give me a beautiful love handle in between the end of the corset and the start of the knickers.

So with Valentines Day approaching I decided to see what was out there that didn't make me look a) like I should be on display at the butchers...and b) like a lady of the night....

So I started my hunt in Ann Summers.....I never normally go in here as it doesn't really cater for ladies of the big bottomed deposition but I thought I would give it a try...

I tried on this outfit

Bra £25 - Suspender knickers £14

...sadly this is not a picture of me modelling it...!!

The bra was great but in order to stop the dreaded muffin top I had to try on knickers two sizes up which then gaped everywhere just looked my hunt continued...

My next visit was to trusty M&S....not a sexy brand but I love their underwear and I am creeping towards an age where M&S undies will be considered sexy...

I went for the middle option which fit really well but didn't have the va va voom I was after....I also loved the pink printed option but as previously discussed I don't do thongs.

So I decided to stop mucking around and head to the place wear big bottomed girls can always find something...H&M.

I bloody love H&M underwear....and accessories, bags, get the idea.

I always buy the knickers two sizes up to keep the muffin top at bay but they always fit everywhere else, come in great colours and fabrics and wear really are my current favs....

Bra £9.99 - Knickers £4.99

Bra £9.99 - Knickers £5.99

Bra £9.99 - Knickers £5.99
I bought one of each set (the bottom one come with a french knicker option) and a top tip of mine is that I always but two or three pairs of knickers to each, that way if you want to wear the set again you don't have to wait for everything to be washed.

So off I happily went with a bag full of lovely underwear when I went past my wildcard underwear shop....some times I get amazing things in here and other times not so much...New Look.

And lo and behold my trip was worth it as I found this lovely set waiting for me inside...

Bra £12.99 - Knickers £5.99

...absolutely lovely and I only had to go a size up in the knickers which made me feel very slinky indeed...!!

So I am all sorted for the day of love. I would like to think that next year I will be super slim and looking like the first model above and therefore not have to search for underwear that flatters but if last nights roast dinner + red wine + McDonalds is anything to go by the chances of this are slim....and anyway I am sure they say curvy girls have more fun...!!

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