Tuesday, 15 February 2011

How to be a Goddess....with a little help...

Now....over the past couple of blogs I have discussed a couple of my favourite things...vintage clothing and underwear....two of the greatest loves of my life. However now it is time to discuss the third...books...and one book in particular...my bible or as it is more commonly known...The Goddess Experience...

Now I fell across this book in early January while rummaging through piles of sale items and as soon as I felt its flocked cover I knew it was something I had to have...!!

Now as much as my style is very girly and am not in fact much of a girl...I never ever take my make-up off, my moisturiser (including my face) is whatever I happen to have in the cupboard, I never use toner, eye cream, night cream, anti wrinkle anything....you get the picture.
Even my make-up routine is very much slap dash involving tinted moisturiser, mascara, eyeliner and blusher....I have tried to do more but end up looking like a drag queen.

However....recently as I descend towards the big 3-0 I have decided I need to start pulling my finger out and take a more grown up approach to my beauty and make-up regime. This is all well and good but I had no idea where to start, what brands to use to where to go until I read this beauty of a book.

Now I am the proud owner of rose bath oil...amazing for dry skin, an amazing day cream which makes me look all glowy and I have learnt how to make the best of all my features...including lining the inside of my upper lashes...who knew.

There are also tips on how to best flatter your figure, where to get the best burger, how to make your home gorgeous, how to make great chips and best of all where to find the best cup of tea and cake almost anywhere in the world.

The book itself is like a mini scrap book masterpiece and every page is just beautiful.

This book is full of hidden treasures and (for me) is an invaluable guide to being if not a goddess then a lot more girly than before...hurrah!!

I cannot recommend enough getting a copy of this book...if it doesn't change your life then it will at least make you smile...

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