Thursday, 17 February 2011

Curvy girls Highstreet finds....

For those of you that don't read my usually read my blog here are a couple of things you should know about me....1. I love vintage and 2. this stems from the fact that I am very curvy and therefore vintage suits me more than anything.

However....even though I practically live and die in vintage I do like to have the odd wander around the high street shops to see what is out there and more importantly what will fit me...!!

Here are my curvy rules of shopping....hemlines must be below the knee, arms ideally should be covered (although if a dress is stunning I will brave the bingo wings being let loose) and fabric shouldn't be straining against said bingo wings, waists should be nipped in, skirts should be high waisted and ideally there should be some cleavage on show.

When it comes to shoes I cannot bear the little spindly heels...this is due to the fact that I cannot walk in heels at the best of times let alone when the heels are like matchsticks. I sadly have a condition known as  'Can'twalkinheels-itis'....when I do wear heels I resemble a man in drag or at best Whoopi Goldberg when she appeared in ghost. So therefore I need mid-heels...the chunkier the better or my saving grace wedges!! are this weeks high street finds for the curvy girl....and this weeks shop is TOPSHOP.....warning these items may make you drool....

Skirts....these would look great with either a gorgeous sheer blouse or even a plain vest and gold jewellery. The thing I love about these skirts is that they are a great length and don't have elasticated waistbands which can make (me at least) look a little bit chunky at times.




Tops....I love floaty blouses tucked into skirts as it balances out my top half and makes me feel like I am a 1950's starlet....this is my favourite find from Topshops new range even though it goes against my cleavage rule..!!


...and I know this isn't a top but it is a great cover up and just so beautiful


Dresses....ah...dresses...where would I be without you....I practically live my life in dresses and I have to say that top shop are bringing out the big guns and making me want to run down there, buy one, and spend the rest of the day twirling around...



...and although this isn't my style I love this is like a dark version of a classic All Saints dress and would look great with a chunky belt and boots

...and here is a round up of all my other favourite bits

...gorgeous wedges that come also come in red with a rafia wedge.....swoon....!!

And finally a bit of kitsch....because lets be can't beat a bit of kitsch.....!!


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