Monday, 21 February 2011

A Perfect Vintage Sunday....

There is nothing I like to do more on a Sunday than have a nice long walk around London and then reward myself with a roast dinner, red wine and possibly cake...!!

I currently reside in the lovely area of Shoreditch but my first foray into London life was when I got my first job in London at the young age of 21 working for a fabulous company called Logisitk (you need an event planning....go to these guys they are fab..!!) who were based in Islington.

Ahhh...Islington....possibly one of my favourite places in London...EVER!! And although its neighbour Camden is more widely known for its vintage fare Islington has some surprises up it's sleeve...!!

First of all I have to tell you a bit about the walk...we started in Hoxton and walked the length of the canal to Islington. Nothing interesting there you may think....and you would be yesterday the canal was packed with houseboats....!!

I love houseboats and am currently trying to convince the boy to live on one but am not having much luck. To me they are like a vintage gypsy caravan but on water...bloody amazing

Anyway...back to the rest of the day...!!

When we finally made it to Islington I forcibly dragged the boy down to Camden Passage where two of my most favourite vintage shops and my most favourite place to eat reside.

Lets begin at Shock and Soul.....upon entering this wonderland you would think it is just a normal vintage shop...however as you delve a bit deeper you would find amazing beaded gowns, fur coats and some quite mental accessories. The shop staff are absolutely lovely and to be honest I had to practically be dragged out of there before I bought a green beaded dress which I didn't need but am sure would make me look like a glam tinkerbell.

Next we moved on to Annie's this place has a very special place in my heart as it was one of the first places I ever bought vintage clothing. It is a true vintage treasure chest full of gorgeous dresses (again ...two of these had to be wrestled out of my hands) and other vintage fabulousness. You can buy almost anything in here...amazing wedding dresses, petticoats, ribbons, capes, beaded dresses, ball gowns...the list is endless and I bloody love it. It is also loved by the likes of Kate Moss and Pearl Lowe so it can't be bad..!!

And last but by no means least the food...!! Now sadly we couldn't get a table here as it was packed as per usual but I just wanted to tell you a bit about it....the place in question is The Elk in the Woods.

To me this place is the perfect mix of vintage surroundings and amazing food...the wine isn't bad either.
If you do ever visit be sure to book in advance and try the chocolate fondant and mint ice is to die for....!!

So that was my Sunday of canal walks, vintage treasures and roast dinners....what a prefect way to spend a Sunday..!!

The Elk in the Woods
Annie's Vintage
Shock and Soul

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