Friday, 6 May 2011

Happy Friday...

Today I am happy for many things....

Firstly it is my last full day at work....hurrah...!! Don't get me wrong I will still be working more than part time but each day I will have a couple of hours to work on the vintage, bridal, lingerie and charity....amazing!!

Secondly the Vintage Swish is on Sunday and everything has come together it seems and the burlesque part of the event is looking particularly amazing.....gorgeous girls, getting their kit off (tastefully) for charity...what could be better.

I am sure things will go wrong on the night but I am now looking forward to it rather than being very nervous and feeling slightly sick. If you are coming and you would like priority entry then please email on for guest list.

And lastly I have given up being so strict on the diet of death and had raisins on my cereal this morning. This may not seem like a big thing but believe me when you have been having plain porridge and water for breakfast everyday it is akin to finding water in the desert....god bless the raisin!!

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