Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Thrifty Wedding Guest...

This year I have been invited to six weddings....yes people SIX!!

Now I love a wedding, I really do but the thought of finding outfits for them leaves me in a cold sweat mainly because I am broke....rubbish.

I have two coming up in three weeks time so I don't even have the luxury of a pay day before hand to cushion the blow.

I had actually planned to wear a lovely mauve vintage dress but upon trying it on last week and giving the boy a fashion show (me stomping up and down our front room and getting moody with him when he doesn't like something) we decided that it was actually too big and not in great condition (the downside of buying vintage).

So I am now back to square dress must have the following full length (so I can wear flats and therefore not end up walking funny and not have to take them off as the dancing gets underway as my feet hurt), have sleeves (bingo wings...need I say more) and be relatively cheap (however I am planning on wearing it to three different weddings so I can pay a bit more if needs must).

So...I have had a quick look around the wonder that is online shopping and this is what I have found...

Mango £89.90

Monsoon £140

Zara £119

Wallis £70

As you can see the selection wasn't huge and it was hard to find the elusive sleeve...however I think my favourite is the Zara number....with some fab gold sandals and statement earrings it should be wedding worthy but if you have seen anything else them please let me know as i am getting slightly desperate..!! 

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