Tuesday, 3 May 2011

And I'm back....

WOW...after what seems like ages I am back at work.....however the good news is that it is my last week in real full time employment and from next week I can give much more attention to Victory Vixens and all my Hummingbird projects so it is not all bad.

I spent the past week in Spain...well I say Spain but infact it was more like Essex with slightly more sunshine.

Due to lack of funds the boy and I ended up staying in an apartment on a golf resort.....imagine ex-pat city. We tried to sample the local cuisine one night and attempted to find some tapas however we ended up being served a bowl of tuna mayo and some bread....we didn't try again!!

So after a week of pub grub and alot of red wine I am back on the diet wagon...BIG TIME so any tips please let me know as I have a wedding to go to in two weeks and nothing fits...HELP!! xx

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