Thursday, 12 May 2011

Curly Sue....

Today marked my first venture into the land of heater rollers.

Now...I have ALOT of hair...when it is freshly washed it can resemble a lions is ridiculous...!!

I really love big hair and have been known to spend mornings backcombing the mane to get the desired look, however, after a lesson from Miss Honey Bare in roller etiquette I decided to bite the backcombing bullet and invest in some heated rollers.

So I got up early this morning to the surprise of the boy (I usually have to be dragged out of bed) and set about the curling business.

After a few goes and a couple of burns I managed to get the hang of it and wound and secured my hair up and put a scarf round it....I looked like  younger version of Nora Batty and am surprised the boy didn't jump on me I looked that sexy!!

What is amazing about curlers is that you can put them in and then potter around doing things while they cool.

After around 30mins it was time to see whether my first dip in the heated roller pool had been a success. be honest I was looking for hair like this....

...beautiful soft curls. Instead I ended up looking like a less well groomed version of Maria from The Only Way is Essex.

I had a RIDICULOUS amount of volume and as I am also tanned the fact I am from Essex has never been clearer....I may even top it all off with some fake nails later and start calling everyone 'Babe'.

SO...the first try was not the success story I was hoping for but I will not give up though....I will have gorgeous curls one day.....hopefully!!

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