Monday, 9 May 2011


Being a vintage boutique owner every once in a while I find a real treasure and think....'THAT IS MINE'.

This is what happened with this dress....although slightly out of my price range I decided that the Austrian themed dress was destined to be mine and I would parade around London like a curvy Carrie Bradshaw wearing this dress, big curly hair and cream peep toes.

Infact I was so certain this dress was destined to be mine that I took the traders word on the sizing (big mistake) and bought it without trying on.

I literally ran home so I could see it in all it's glory only to find it is too big. Sadly...although I am a curvy creature I have a very small waist (although not anything else) and even with a belt to cinch it in it just didn't look right and would look alot better on a size 12 or 14. it is....

I am selling this beauty for £40 + free delivery

...if this is also the dress of your dreams then email me at 

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