Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wedding Wednesday...


Today's short blog is mainly about dresses. I do apologise for the shortness but I am up to my eyes with wedding enquiries...totally fabulous although I fear the boy may soon move out over the increasing number of wedding dresses in our house and my obsession with trying them on and waltzing around whilst humming 'Here Comes the Bride'...!!

Now for all you vintage lovers out there I am sure that a vintage dress on your most special day is a many of us are really prepared to pay over the odds for what is really a second hand dress.

I think...and this is just my opinion...that you should be able to find beautiful vintage dress for under £300 and then pay around £50 - £100 having it altered.

So here is a sample of what you can for under (and waaay under) £ always if you want any details the items from any blogs just email me at xx

Seventies Perfection - £90

Stunning Sixties with amazing fringe detail - £80

Seventies Chic - £80

Fifties Glamour - £90

Fifties Fabulousness - £90

Twenties Flapper - £80

Mad Men Wedding - £250

Fairytale Frock - £190

Beautiful Ballerina - £290

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