Friday, 18 March 2011

Swish Swiroo.....Part Two mentioned on a previous post I am all up for helping charity this year...especially the cancer charities due to Mother having the big C.

And what could possibly be better than raising money for charity and getting free idea of heaven.

So (as I also mentioned previously) I am organising an event along with Preloved Reloved to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support and Coppa Feel (two AMAZING causes) and also to have some fun.

The event is taking place on Sunday 8th of May at Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch (tres trendy and does amazing chips).

Doors will open at 4pm and when you step inside you will find the following....

  • Pop-up vintage boutiques inc clothes, jewellery, home name it - 10% of all sales will go to MacMillan
  • Retro hair and make-up - ever wondered how the gorgeous vintage girls always look so is your chance to find out how
  • Vintage photobooth
  • Alcoholic afternoon tea - booze + cake....I don't think I need to explain this one

And...of course...the all important Swish event.

When you come through the door you will be required to give your clothes to the lovely Swish Assistants who will asses your clothing and give you tokens which you can then use to buy other 'Swished' clothing.

All clothing must be in a relatively good state and clean please...!!

In the evening there will be entertainment in the form of burlesque and of course more booze and cake...!!

So...alcohol, shopping, cake....perfect day out...non..??

If you don't have any clothes to swish this does not matter you are more than welcome to come along for the shopping and/or everything else.

Entrance to the event is £2 and all proceeds go to MacMillan.

So tell your friends, work colleagues, family, the random people you meet when drunk on the train home as we need to raise as much money as possible...!!

Details can be found here - and any queries can be sent here -

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