Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A home for Hummingbird Vintage....

So last night the boy got back from holiday after the obligatory present hand over (MAC red lipstick in a gorgeous vintage shade and an AMAZING candy striped vintage dress....lots of brownie points earned) we sat down for a serious chat.

But before we get on to this.....just so you dress is like this....I LOVE IT

Both of us hail from Essex...the land of white stilettos and vajazzles and moved up here just over a year ago. It was only meant to be for a year so we could have some crazy fun in the Big Smoke and not have to commute but we had so much fun that we decided to stay for longer.

Our flat is tiny....really tiny and when we thought it was just for a year it was fine but now we are here for another year at least top it all off I have started this crazy vintage adventure which is going better than expected but also means there are vintage clothes much so that I have to literally climb over them to get into bed.

So the chat last night among other things was the lack of lets be honest what boy really wants to live in a tiny flat surrounded by vintage clothes and kitsch objects...he is a saint to have put up for it for as long as he has. And not to mention the new wedding dress phase....a panicked look comes into his eyes when he see's them I am sure.

So after racking my brain for a solution (which included moving back to Essex, giving up vintage all together (this caused tears), getting a bigger flat but having no money for fun) I have decided to look for a shop....ideally vintage...that I can rent a rail off of or they can take commission on my sales. Anything that I sell through my shop I can pick up from the shop and package nicely and send to its new home. It will be like a Hummingbird Vintage feature.

So this is where I need help...if there are any shops you know of....preferably in the Land of London who would even consider this then please pass this on.....I will reward you in homemade cupcakes and gin...promise..!!

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