Monday, 14 March 2011

An affair to remember....??

So this weekend saw me at my first ever vintage fair as a trader....exciting stuff.

I spent all Saturday packing everything up and then Sister Hummingbird (Holly) arrived bright and early on Sunday to help pack everything off into a car and then off we went.

From the start we were regarded suspiciously....this is probably due to the fact that we were clearly first timers as everyone else had beautifully prepared rails and mannequins whereas we were hanging things up in the street and my mannequin fell over and broke which gave her a drunk appearance all day....not quite the look we were going for.

When we finally got in the venue after the rail braking every three steps, me swearing like a trooper and lots of disapproving looks from the regulars we made it to our spot on the stage.

We rushed to get everything ready as the doors were opening in ten minutes and when the clock hit eleven we were slightly on edge and wired and Holly stroking the fur coats on the stand next to us.

And then we waited....and waited...and waited....and to be honest not much happened. Don't get me wrong we sold quite a few dresses (including my favourite one that Holly had literally to force me to sell) and we got alot of lingerie orders and wedding enquiries but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit disappointed.

This is my own fault as I had visions of us selling out of everything by lunchtime and then toasting our success with a gin and tonic down the pub whereas, in reality we were sitting in an almost empty, freezing town hall drinking red wine secretly under our table in order to a. keep warm and b. try and make the situation a bit more amusing.

I had been told by the other traders that is was unusually quiet and a one off but I am afraid this may have put me off for life.

Buy the end of the fair Holly and I had drunk the best part of a bottle of wine and the thought of packing everything up again did make us consider giving everything away and going to the pub to carry on drinking...!! good Hummingbird Girls we packed everything away and set off again and then drank wine.....bliss.

Although (as you can gather from reading this) I am not the biggest fan of fairs it made me realise how much GORGEOUS (if slightly pricey) vintage stuff there is out there and infact people were way more interested in my made to measure lingerie and wedding package service than the clothes. So...where do I go from here....carry on with the vintage or concentrate more on wedding and undies.....answers on a postcard please...!!

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