Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Musical Glamour....

So this week the boy has been away and although I have missed him it has also given me a chance to indulge in my guilty pleasure.....Old Musicals.

I have a theory that men don't really understand these films but for me (and don't get me wrong I love being able to vote, earn my own money and drink gin until I fall over) it makes me wish for a time when women got to wear amazing dresses, go to dances and spend the days shopping and marry a man who was usually very debonair, carried cigarettes in those great silver cases, was (usually) very rich rich and knew how to dance....bliss.

Of course I know that it is just a film and therefore not actual reality (although I do need reminding at times) but a girl can dream.

In the past week I have watched a number of films but the one I have watched more than once (four times infact) is Singing in the Rain.

If you haven't seen it, it is the classic story of boy meets girl...they fall in love...they fall out...they get back together in a big all singing all dancing finale. It is much like a much less racy version of Dirty Dancing.

It also features one of my all time great loves....Gene Kelly.

I love this man...I think it is mainly the dancing ability as I have a similar crush on one of my dancing teachers even though he is clearly ten years younger than me and gay.

For those of you who don't know...here he is......

...I think I fell in love at a young age...and...looking back...all my lovely gentleman friends throughout the years have all had dark hair and blue eyes...but...sadly not the dancing ability....shame.

But the best bit about the film (apart from the well know song) are the dresses.....total ladylike perfection and gorgeousness during the day and then sequins and high splits in the night.

So...if you fancy evoking a bit of Singing in the Rain glamour then these pieces may be right up your street....







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