Tuesday, 22 March 2011

High Heel Hero's....

For a long time now I have been a vintage dress and flat's kinda girl. Don't get me wrong....I did dabble with high fashion for a good eight months a while back but I realised that super straight hair and outfits that matched completely just weren't me.

However over the past couple of months I have felt that I needed a more grown up version of my look as I am almost thirty but still look about twenty two (amazing at times but when trying to be taken seriously not so good).

So....I have bravely made the decision to wear high heels.....EVERYDAY.

I started this on Saturday for a lovely friends birthday....within 30 mins I had blood all over my feet and I am still finding it hard to walk now....damn those unfriendly high heels.

So I am on a mission to find some foot friendly high heels that will transform me into a lady of sophistication.....until the white wine kicks in at least.

So here are my options....

Mid-heels...not as high as I like but these do increase my chances of walking normally and not having people pointing and laughing (this has actually happened).

Wedges....the high heel haters saving grace....I love wedges but I am going for a more ladylike like so not sure if these babies project grown up sophistication or high end fashion fun (which as previously discussed just doesn't suit me).

I have spent the last couple of days trawling the internet (for research purposes obviously) and this is my shortlist....

Dorothy Perkins £25

Cinquanta 50 - Available from Hummingbird Vintage
Dune £60

I LOVE THEM ALL...perfect for summer dresses and all have a ladylike vintage vibe..!

All I need to do now is learn to walk like a lady rather than a man in drag....I will keep you updated on my progress and if you see me in the street....please don't laugh!! xx

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