Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Help....I need somebody....

So the story so far....I awoke one morning at the start of the year with the incredible urge to do something different so I decided to take my love/near on obsession with vintage and put it to good use.

I opened up Hummingbird Vintage almost two months ago now and things are going extremely well.

Hummingbird Vintage  -

I have added an affordable (yet still bloody gorgeous) bridal range and am just about to add footwear too.

Bridal range -

And...(just because I clearly didn't have enough to do) I have just launched my vintage inspired boudoir lingerie especially for real women (love handles and all) and those going through breast cancer treatment/surgery to which the reviews have been AMAZING....AND....I am also taking vintage to a new level and creating vintage events (first one in aid of Macmillan Cancer and CoppaFeel)....phew I feel knackered just writing this.

Boudoir lingerie phase one -

And to be honest I am loving it...I feel like this is totally what I want to do and after twelve years of random jobs (including hosting children's birthday parties and working for a man who used to change his mind each day about what he was wearing and make me go out and buy him a whole new outfit...EVERYDAY) I have found what makes me happy.....hurrah.

However I am still doing this on top of my day job of looking after young social media types in a mother like way, making sure they have enough to eat and get to meetings in time.

So...after this essay type blog I just wanted to see if anyone had any advice as to where to go next....should I carry on working like a mental person (whilst possibly getting dumped by the boy due to lack of TLC) or do I look for another way....thoughts....anyone....?? x

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