Thursday, 24 March 2011

Today is a GREAT DAY...

Those of you that have followed my story from the beginning will know that I have been on a clothes buying ban. For some people this is not a hard thing to do but for me it was tantamount to going to the dentist and having my wisdom teeth pulled.

I LOVE is how I express having to wear the same black skirt to work over and over again has almost killed me.

The reason for my lack of clothes buying (I used to buy at least twice a week) is that I am almost thirty and I decided that I should be saving up for grown up things like houses, pensions and other totally boring things be honest..I don't understand nor do I want to.

Saving has commenced and I have done very well even if I do say so myself but it has been hard and it has been getting to me quite a bit. So when the chance arose to do a bit of work on the side for some extra cash I jumped at it....pound signs practically shone from my eyes as I imagined actually being able to buy clothes again.

So after two months of working like a crazy person the day has arrived....LETS GO SHOPPING..!!

As I am sure you love clothes as much as me here is what I have just bought (and yes I do realise it is 10.30am and I should be working but desperate times.....)

.....I think maybe someone should take my bank card away from me before any more damage is done!!

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