Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Michelle Obama wears vintage.....sparks panic - Telegraph

To be honest I am not really into  politics and would rather read a fashion mag than a paper but when someone sent me this articles about the First Lady herself rocking the vintage trend it made me pay attention.

Michelle Obama wears vintage, sparks panic - Telegraph

Now lets be honest...Michelle Obama cannot be short of money so doesn't need to hunt through thrift stores in order to find affordable clothes but chooses to wear vintage because (probably much like the rest of us) she knows that is looks original and (especially in this case) simply gorgeous....Mrs Obama....we salute you..!!

Now...although this frock isn't worth a staggering $2500 it is still a gorgeous net creation and a lot more purse friendly...

So if you feel like following in Michelle Obama's footsteps then drop me an email at lucy@hummingbirdvintage.co.uk 

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