Friday, 4 February 2011

Kitsch and Cath Kidson....

One thing you should know about me is that I am addicted to fact if there was an Addicts Anonymous group for this affliction i would be the first one standing...announcing that 'My name is Lucy and I am addicted to Kitsch' (probably wearing a flowered tea dress, corsage in my hair and a necklace involving lockets, hearts or birds...or possibly all three).

My home is probably the greatest testament to this.
I live in a lovely shoebox in East London where we have to hide items that are not used or turn them into things...for example our side table which is in fact our spare TV turned on it's side with a lamp on.
However I have managed to sneak in so many gloriously kitsch items (including an amazing Jesus figurine and a mirror of Mary that lights up.....very Baz Lurhman Romeo + Juliet) that you can't move in certain area's for the risk of knocking something over.

If my home were a film it would be Romeo and Juliet

So to celebrate my love I have decided to dedicate this blog to possibly the Queen of Kitsch  - Cath Kidson

Cath Kidson Ltd started in 1993 in a tiny shop in Holland Park where Cath began selling vintage wallpapers, fabrics and brightly coloured furniture that she remembered from her childhood.
Her clever, witty re-working of traditional English country house style meant that her shop was an instant cult success.

Gradually Cath began to design her own prints and products including a extensive range of home wares and womens fashion,

In Caths own words she aims to create products that are fun, practical and original.

I bloody love her and here are my favourite bits from this season....


And finally I would just like to say thank-you to a very special friend who has taken a huge interest in my blogging/store and is a constant rock my world xx

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