Monday, 31 January 2011

Vintage finds....

I love shopping...I have the debt to prove it...but I particularly love the feeling of buying something that no-one else has which is
why I am addicted to vintage.

This Sunday while I was carrying out my usual Sunday ritual of flicking through fashion magazines I found a number of items that currently in (or about to be) that also have great vintage you can feel smug about being kind to the enviroment as well as making sure that you don't look like anyone else....

At the Golden Globes this year Red was a signature colour

Our favourite Mad Men beauty also in red

This red dress is perfect for day with sandals and sunnies or  at night with heels and big bangles

Looks like the 70's are going to be big this year and the print of choice...Paisley

I love this dress....the print is in muted colours and looks great with brogues for a day time look or with tan heels for lady like chic
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