Friday, 15 April 2011

Photoshoot Fabulousness....

Yesterday was the first official photoshoot for the Hummingbird Boudoir/Victory Vixens lingerie exciting!!

I put the call out for some photoshoot assistance about two weeks ago and some amazing people came to my rescue....firstly the lovely Luna De-Lovely offered to model for me (Luna is a fab Burlesque performer who is a dead ringer for Paloma Faith), then the fab Tigz Rice offered to take the pictures (Tigz is an amazing burlesque photographer) and then to top it all off Kelly aka Miss Honey Bare brought her skills as a make-up and hair stylist to the party....totally great girls!!

The day started off badly when I hopped on the tube to fine it absolutely packed with screaming kids going to see the dinosaurs/Madam Tussaud's/Tower of London etc.....the little 'angels' kept getting various body parts/items of clothing caught in the doors leading to a delay of about thirty minutes.

By the time I got off the tube I was furious especially when I found out I had to wait another thirty minutes for a train....I did however spend the time wisely by purchasing some wine in order to help the photoshoot along. .!!

I finally got to St Mary Cray (random name I know) at about 12pm...VERY LATE....and I then had to try and find my way to the studio. Now I have lived in London for just over 18 months and I still can't find my way around my local area so trying to find my way to the studio was a nightmare. I eventually admitted defeat and asked a friendly looking man for directions.....he was in the middle of explaining when his WAG like wife pulled up in her soft top car and demanded to know what I was doing talking to her husband....trying to look as innocent as possible I explained that I was merely asking for directions and not trying to flirt with him (husband was balding and slightly over weight) in anyway. She obviously did not believe me so demanded that I get in the car so she could give me a lift in an effort to get me away from her hubby. After alot of protesting I finally got into the car where we sat in stony silence until she finally asked...."Well what are you even doing here anyway?" and I explained that I created lingerie for women going through cancer and today was our photoshoot whilst the voice in my head was shouting "I HOPE YOU FEEL REALLY BAD NOW LADY"....childish I know.

So after a few more minutes of silence we arrived at the studio and this is where the day starts getting better. Luna looked amazing in the lingerie (to be honest she would look good in a sack), the make-up and hair were fabulous (I am now a convert to heated rollers after a tutorial) and just wait until you see the photos...!!

Totally fab day top off by a lovely meal with the boy...which led to drinks after and dancing to a band....which led to being taught martial arts in the street by a man we met at the bar...which led to Burger King....all of which has led to a very sore head and my body hating me for filling it with rubbish...!!

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