Monday, 11 April 2011

I've got the key...I've got the secret...

This weekend I abused my body...not physically through some form of exercise (which is what I should have been doing) but by drinking my body weight in wine, gin, tequila and many other very wrong drinks indeed...yuck.

I was feeling particularly sorry for myself yesterday morning when I stumbled upon something...well...actually in reality I opened a cupboard that I had crammed way too much into and it fell out and hit me on the head....a sign surely...?

The item was a book called The Secret. The Secret is basically a self help book (something I thought I would never read...but desperate hungover times call for desperate measures) which Mother Hummingbird bought for me at Christmas and I had not had a chance (or really wanted to) read yet.

The basic idea is that if you think good thoughts good things will happen to you and if you think bad ones then bad ones will happen.

Although it doesn't seem very likely I have decided to only think positive thoughts from now on in a hope that it will help me get through the masses of work I have to get through at the moment....all for a good cause though!

I will let you know if all this positive thinking works....if it does I will be writing to you from my yacht in the Caribbean whilst drinking cocktails and eating chocolate....!!

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