Monday, 28 March 2011

Cancer Schmancer....

...this blog is not as bad as the title suggests...promise.

So cancer...a totally crap thing to go through....!

Although I am not technically going through it myself, Mother Hummingbird is so I get to relive the night sweats, loss of appetite, nails breaking plus all the other wonderful side effects through her.

Being the lovely daughter that I am (...and I really am) I have looked around for lovely things to make the Old Dear feel more like herself...but alas I have not found much so I have decided to sort it out.

As you all know the underwear range is well under way to give breast cancer sufferers something a bit sexy to wear even when they feel at their worst but I then had a thought...cue light bulb over head.

Most women going through ANY type of cancer either lose weight through loss of appetite or put weight on through steroids and other nasty drugs so they could all use some ego boosting, sexy as hell, adjustable underwear, guaranteed to make you feel good anywhere anytime....right..?

And what about the other how to apply false eye lashes, how to stop your nails breaking, what you should be eating, what moisturiser will cure that dread 'chemo' dry skin....wouldn't it be lovely to have a girly place to go where all these things are answered rather than having to ask your doctor...?

I would love feedback so if you (or anyone you know) are going through cancer please have a quick read and contact me at

Also help us stick two fingers up at cancer at our Vintage Swish event in London town on the 8th me (as above) for details xx

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