Thursday, 31 March 2011

Size matters.... per the previous blog I am on a mission to get back into the is now day four of the regime and although aching and not being able to walk properly (damn you fitness instructors) I am feeling ok....alright...maybe less than ok as I am missing red wine and chocolate but I WILL get through it.

Anyway on Saturday before I had the 'jeans realisation' I went shopping which was amazing as I haven't been able to do this for a long time.

However...although I found some gorgeous bits and pieces I was amazed at the random sizes in shops.

I am a vintage wearer normally so I am used to exact measurements...if a waist 28 inches it means it is 28 inches.

When I wandered into H&M I (as usual) staggered into the changing room with armfuls of clothing only to find that the sizing was ridiculous....a size 10 skirt was waay to big on the waist yet a size 12 dress wouldn't even fit over my head. And don't even get me started on the arms....I will admit that my upper arms are of the bingo wing variety but the sleeves on some of the dresses seem to be made for people with tiny arms (the kind of arms I dream of) and anything over that made the dress off limits.

I left H&M empty handed and went into Topshop....first thing I realised was that I am now maybe slightly too old for Topshop and (I find this quite cringeworthy to say) I don't really understand the fashion all that much. Don't get me wrong there were some absolutely gorgeous things in there such as

...and I have to admit that their sizes weren't too bad....size ten dresses fitted fine but I stayed away from the jeans and trousers so they may have been a different story altogether...!

Finally (at this point I was very red faced through trying to squeeze my body into clothes in very hot changing rooms) I went into Mango. I love thee. I love it for two reasons....the sizings make me feel extremely slinky and the clothes (although more expensive than H&M and Topshop) are made from the most gorgeous fabrics and they last...and yes...I do realise that the last comment made me sound like my Mother.

So here is what I bought....

I do love shopping...ALOT but looking around the high street has made me realise that I prefer finding vintage versions of current fashion trends as it takes away the worry that I am going to walk into a bar to find a girl wearing the same dress as me and....even worse...looking better in it than I do...!!

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