Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Curve Control.....

As you all know I am a curvy lady and proud of it (most of the time) and I want to make other ladies feel good which is why I have created Hummingbird Vintage lingerie so we can all feel good all the time.

However....it seems that my curves have got out of control.

For the past five months I have worn nothing but lovely vintage dresses and skirts but yesterday I woke up and reached for the jeans...BIG MISTAKE.

I ended up having to take them into another room to put on to save the boy from seeing me trying to force my body into too tight jeans. He did hear me do it though and described it as listening to someone trying to wrap a really big awkward present but not having much luck.

I finally got them on (I actually hurt my hand in the process) an they looked ok so off to work I went.

I spent the day walking in a very awkward way, afraid to go to the loo incase I couldn't get them back on and afraid to eat anything incase they popped open.

I almost ran home just so I could get them off (this also took alot of effort) and I have now hidden them...never to be worn again....well...at least until the curves are under control.

I was astounded that I hadn't noticed the increased curves but luckily my waist always stays the same so all my tight waisted skirts and dresses will always fit.....thanks god for small mercy's..!!

So I am now on a mission to CONTROL THE CURVES....today I have already been to a kettle bell class (totally ridiculously hard and run by a women much like Hitler) and I plan to only eat healthy food until I can get back into the dreaded jeans.

I have four weeks until holiday so this is my deadline....wish me luck..!!

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