Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fairytale Fashions....

As we all know London Fashion Week (LFW for those in the know) is in progress. As a vintage lover I do not normally take much interest to be honest but when I heard that the Vintage Queen Vivienne Westwood was creating an Alice in Wonderland inspired collection my interest was piqued.

As you can imagine I love a kitsch theme fashion collection...and to be honest if I could I would infact dress up in fancy dress most days.

Here are some of the gorgeously interesting outfits from the Vivienne Westwood Red Collection....

Sadly I live on an orange juice budget at the moment so Ms Westwoods clothes are waaay out of my price range but here are some lovely bits and pieces that will make you feel like a fairytale princess....warning there is a kitsch fest coming up...!!

For me this dress has everything....nipped in at the waist, floral print and it is in this seasons key colour of mint green...what a beauty..

Motel - £39

Lace ankle socks....great with pumps, great with heels...someone get me a pair quick....

Miss Selfridge - £4
I am a big fan of striped tops as they balance my hips out a treat....this one would look great under a black ballet skirt with shiny red shoes

Topshop - £26
 ....themed make-up...I almost hyperventilated when I saw this....what more could a lover of kitsch as for in life....I ask you..!!
Urban Decay - £28
With its ruffles, net skirt and girdle waist this dress has a real fairytale vibe to it.....
Topshop - £35
 I have no words for this necklace...I just love it......
Topshop - £9
 And...of course...a little bit of vintage...this dress is pale blue with gorgeous white embroidery....very Alice in Wonderland indeed just add white knee socks and black pumps..!!
Hummingbird Vintage £30

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