Tuesday, 9 August 2011


As some of you may have read  before I am not a high heel girl....they make me fall over and walk like Whoopi Goldberg...not a good look (sorry Whoopi).

However....it is my engagement BBQ this weekend and as I have been sick and sad I decided to go all out for the party with a new dress and shoes....(these were bought whilst sick so I cannot be blamed for spending money I don't have).

Sadly I got an email today saying that my gorgeous shoes may not arrive in time so instead of sitting here moaning I did what any normal woman with no money would do....go on the hunt for more new shoes.

Whilst I was looking I found this AMAZING brand....Irregualr Choice. Now when I was a little bit younger I had a fondness of dressing up much like I was off to a fancy dress party everyday and during this fun period of fashion I loved this brand. Sadly, due to my more vintage way of dressing I had all but forgotten these little beauties so I was very happy to stumble across them again today.

You can buy these gorgeous creations online or at Schuh...and here are my faves....






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