Monday, 8 August 2011

And I'm Back....

Firstly let me start by apologising for the lack of posts over the past week but there is a good reason....!!
For the past three weeks to a month I have been feeling very down and dare I say it wasn't interesting me, I was crying all the time (very odd for me) and even shopping did nothing to lift my spirits.

I assumed it was something to do with Mother Hummingbird finishing her cancer treatment and me having nothing to be positive for (during the treatment I was Miss Positive) or the fact I had just changed jobs and was missing the random yet very fun crew back at my old job.

Then last weekend I started to feel sick....not just a little bit but full blown pain so bad that it makes you weep a little bit. I was meant to be out with my soon to be in-laws for one of our lunches/drinking sessions but when I couldn't even force down a glass of champagne I knew it was bad.

After an evening of no sleep the boy rang around some emergency doctors (as I don't have one up here) and made me an appointment.

I managed to drag myself (literally folks) to the doctors for him to tell me that all my internal organs were basically broken in some way and may have been for a while. He then prescribed me three sets of extremely strong antibiotics and sent me on my way with instructions to I blogging, twitter and hardly any work.

A week later and I am almost back to normal....I have no pain and my emotions are settled....although last week was so bad that I thought the wedding would be off..!!

So the moral of the story is....if you are feeling sad for a long time go to the doctors as I am sure he has pills to help you no matter what is wrong.

And here is what I bought over the past month to either cheer myself up or ease the boredom of being sick (please note that a some of this has now been returned as I felt too guilty).









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