Thursday, 11 August 2011


At the grand old age of almost thirty I am lucky enough to have collected some fabulous friends....some I have had for years and some are new to the scene.

However I have recently experienced something that apparently all women experience once they hit a certain age...I no longer like some of my friends.

Back in Junior School this wouldn't have been a problem as I would have just told these girls they were no longer in my group and that would be that but as we get older the thought of hurting someone elses feelings becomes unbearable (unless of course you are mean and like hurting people) so instead of cutting out people that no longer make you feel good you carry on being 'friends' with them allowing their behaviour to get you down and make you feel bad.

So...with my 'Life is too Short' mantra that was developed due to last years events I have decided that although I wont cut out these friends (as it would be awkward and I am a wimp) I will make an effort not to care what they think.

I will be like the Sex and the City girls with my firm friends in the inner circle and the rest can just drift around.

In other news you should never spend two days in a row looking for shoes to match a dress you haven't even tried on.....!!

If you are curvy and are not well endowed in the chest area DO NOT buy this dress....It will make you look ugly.....!!

The shoes are amazing though....but I now need an outfit to wear with them....shame!!

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