Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wedding Wednesday - G&T...

Many years ago when I worked in the wonderful world of events I met a lovely lady called Becks. Now Becks worked in the creative department and she was AMAZINGLY creative...the way she decorated her flat would have been enough to get anyone to give her work.

She also loved a drink which is how we became friends.

Although I hadn't spoken to her in a good few years I alway knew she would have been headed towards greatness and....I was right.

For the past couple of weeks I have been researching vintage weddings and a name that kept popping up was 'Grace and Tailor' so I decided to contact these lovely people and see what they had to offer only to find out it was none other than my gin loving friend Becks who runs it...what a treat.

Grace and Tailor are basically amazing wedding fairies who you can go to in order to give your wedding that special vintage touch and they are more cost effective than hiring a wedding planner to organise the whole things....vintage and value for money...I LOVE THESE GUYS!!

So...lets have a look and what magic the can weave....

...simply amazing....makes me want to get married ASAP just so I can get this fab team to work their magic over everything..!!

If you are looking for that special vintage touch for your wedding you can find the lovely Becks and crew at

If you have any random vintage wedding questions that you would like answered by the professionals or are looking for that special (yet affordable) vintage dress...then just email me at xx

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