Wednesday, 6 April 2011

News New News...

Today's story involves some fun news items about yours truly...

Since opening Hummingbird Vintage I have been manic...not just a little busy once in a while I mean full on not being able to sleep because you are thinking so much manic.

This is a mixture of the vintage boutique which is about to expand (so watch this space), the underwear, the bridal range, the charities and Old Mother Hummingbird having the big C.

Now I love being it...but to be honest it is really not fair on the boy who I love even more than being busy. We moved up to London to have a couple of years of full out fun and at the moment I can't because I am KNACKERED.

The Boy...

So...I have decided to take a big step and....takes a deep breathe...go part time so I have enough time to do everything.

I am lucky enough to have a good friend running a start-up who needs some help and will pay me enough to live...I LOVE THIS MAN.

For me this is very scary as I love working and knowing I will be getting money at the end of the month for doing it but since the whole cancer situation has arisen it has made me realise that life is way way way too short not to take chances and try and do something different.

So watch out world because Hummingbird Vintage and Victory Vixens are coming out...!! 

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